FU play SOPPA 

Soppa home pitch (big, rather well known structure at the back of photo) being fully renovated in anticipation of our 2018 anniversay match they went for their back up pitch, the 100year old Bollis on 6 August. As usual it was a very high quality game which ended in pain and agony the day after (dagen efter på svenska).

Big thank you to be extended to all the hosts and as I can't find my own files anywhere I nicked this photo posted by Mikko O, the other head of the Eagle. I suspect it was actually taken by Timo R. So sue us if we have breached your pride and some more on our news page (mostly taken by Risto R.).

100 Games match against Estonia

Read about our man of the Match, every match: Seppo Lattu 

Re-emerging from ashes in 2003 after a few yeas of hiatus we have established ourselves as the most successful Finnish national men's side ever (to our limited knowledge). Tournament victories, playing in an acknowledged BxlEuroleague year after year against other top nations, practicing hard every Saturday, sauna, sisu, you name it - we have it!!!

You're in Brussels or nearby? Feel like you never got that chance to beat Italy? Have Finnish roots/girlfriend/wife/spouse or think you can fill our tough nationality criteria (set by our expert team of Finns and others, especially Irish) - come join us. It's fun and more fun (if you can survive Belgian weather)

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