FU appoint Henri Welroos as FU Senior Director -                   Internal and External communications and                             International player relations

Henri's first Match report:

A much anticipated game between Finland United and Slovakia? or Slovenia? (we have no idea, we think even they did not know which team they actually played for. It still remains a mystery to this very day. The fact that they played in green didn't do much to help solve the conundrum either.) Finland United started strong as always.... by letting an early goal in the first minutes of the game. This was a reality check for the players who clearly reacted to the early goal by letting the opposition score another goal shortly after. Slovakia-Slovenia was clearly dominating the game until their best player was tactically injured by Finland United. A penalty shot was given rather easily in favour of FU by the merciful referee, who was witnessing the slaughter of FU that was going on in the pitch. He probably felt bad on our behalf.... Our captain said he'll take the shot, the odds were against him, if I recall correctly 7/2, and for the third time in his life the penalty shot actually went in and not for horse food! This changed the tide of the game completely to FU's favour. Later on in the game a rather easy shot, that even a toddler could get in, was given by Aimo from around the 2 metre mark. Since it was such an easy shot almost no one celebrated it. 2-2 was the score, FU was back in the game. We were feeling quite confident... and as per usual FU's defence, in the dying minutes of the game, held it together and didn't let Slovakia-Slovenia score. Until they did score. Gladly FU managed to summon some SISU and managed to equalise in the last seconds of the game.

Finland United

Re-emerging from ashes in 2003 after a few yeas of hiatus we have established ourselves as the most successful Finnish national men's side ever (to our limited knowledge). Tournament victories, playing in an acknowleged BxlEuroleague year after year againts other top nations, practicing hard every Saturday, sauna, sisu, you name it - we have it!!!

You're in Brussels or nearby? Fell like you never got that chance to beat Italy? Have Finnish roots/girlfriend/wife/spouse or feel you can fill tough nationality criteria set by our expert team - come join us. It's fun and more fun (if you can suvive Belgian weather)

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Finland United 
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FU celebrate 20 years of existence -SOPPA return to Brussels

on 14 March at 17.00 FU celebrated 20 years of existence by playing agains FC SOPPA from Helsinki. As usual it was a high quality game wgich ended with equally high quality 3rd half.