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Finland United isännöi jo perinteikästä (2nd edition) FinanssiCupia lauantaina 8.6. Brysselissä Mukana Tulli, Suomen pankki ja Soppa (Eduskuntaa sijaistamassa). Tervetuloa katsomaan hienoa 7-a-side futista ja nauttimaan virvoketta. Tilasuuteen on vapaa pääsy!
11.50 Avajaisseremonia

                    Kenttä A                          Kenttä B

12.00-12.30 SPU – Tulli                     Soppa - Finland United
12.45-13.15 Tulli – Soppa                  Finland United - SPU
13.30-14.00 Finland United-Tulli        SPU - Soppa
14.15-14.45 Sija 1. - Sija 2 (Finaali) Sija 3. - Sija 4.
14.50 Palkintojen jako

Re-emerging from ashes in 2003 after a few yeas of hiatus we have established ourselves as the most successful Finnish national men's side ever (to our limited knowledge). Tournament victories, playing in an acknowledged BxlEuroleague year after year against other top nations, practicing hard every Saturday, sauna, sisu, you name it - we have it!!!

You're in Brussels or nearby? Feel like you never got that chance to beat Italy? Have Finnish roots/girlfriend/wife/spouse or think you can fill our tough nationality criteria (set by our expert team of Finns and others, especially Irish) - come join us. It's fun and more fun (if you can survive Belgian weather)

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